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Matt Hayden

In our 20 years of catering, Scratch Events has seen some venues…. Whether you call them Vintage or Shabby Chic, Country Chic Wedding venues are few and far between.

It is safe to say, that we have catered events in every conceivable venue from laundry rooms and backyards to museums and  national parks.  Im here to tell you brother and sisters, THEY ARE NOT ALL CREATED EQUAL.

A couple years ago, we heard that a new wedding and event venue was under construction in Miamisburg – Canopy Creek Farm. Before we even had a chance to get a tour, we were hearing the buzz and booking wedding after wedding there. From what I understand, they were booked nearly a year in advance before they were even open for business !

After our third booking, we thought it prudent to get out to Miamisburg and check our the NEW HOT and see what we were getting in to…

As advertised, Canopy Creek Farm is Dayton and Cincinnati’s premier “Country Chic Wedding” venue. With its majestic trees, peaceful meadows, and expansive open air views, it is rapidly becoming recognized as one of the region’s top venues. Canopy Creek Farm boasts a gorgeous “Reception Barn” which by our understanding is the most refined “Barn” we have ever had the pleasure to cater in. To date, we have catered at Canopy Creek over 50 times and every wedding has been beautiful.

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