Scratch Events is a catering firm hell bent on creating unforgettable dining experiences. Throughout the years we have witnessed the public perception of catering as one of mediocre, institutional, cookie cutter fare and underwhelming service. In short, from the minute we walk into our Centerville facility every morning, we are chomping at the bit for the next dream event, the next world inspired menu, the next completely unique and unprecedented request from our clients.

In a region characterized by a meat and potatoes upbringing, we have made our bones serving the classics. To our deep satisfaction, those days have given way to a new generation…to a vibrant, well versed clientele of foodies and young gastronomes eager to sample the menu of a world that is as full of diversity and ethnicity as it is creative and changing from minute to minute.


25 years ago, 1 in 20 people might have known what cilantro was, and how it was used. Today our clients are conversant in the interconnected world of ethnic foods, requesting Brazilian, Argentinian, Thai, Lebanese, Persian, Gullah, Creole and other Coastal and Region Specialties. To add another level of interest, the borders and traditions of food preparation have gone right out the window: It is not uncommon for a client to ask for Victorian Food with a Futuristic Twist or to meet a unique dietary consideration like Vegan or Locavore, or to Design an Event inspired by Pop Culture such as Zombies, Star Wars, Steampunk or The Great Gatsby. Ironically, amidst all of this great change, there is a revival of interest in the vintage and retro such as Beef Wellington, Turn of the Century Cocktails, Vintage Soda Pot, Bundt Cakes, Duck A’ Lorange and other classics.

Did we mention Molecular Gastronomy?

We couldn’t be happier with this new direction – it is diverse. It is as fun as it is challenging and memorable to fulfill.

Scratch Events has carved a niche as a Food Forward, Chef Centric company specialize in the unique and the challenging. Whether it is a wedding for 500 guests or gala fundraiser for 800 we approach each job as a singular event, with its own individual challenges, its own unique personality and its own specific reasons to be unforgettable .

If you share our outlook towards food and are looking to create an unforgettable experience, give us a call – we can’t wait to talk to you!